JST CREST “Advanced Photonics” project

Advanced core technology for creation and practical utilization of innovative properties and functions based upon optics and photonics (Supervisor: Ken-ich Kitayama)
Dynamic photonic crystals with extremely high content of water (Director: Yasuhiro Ishida)

Photonic crystals are ordered nano-structures with a periodicity of visible-light wavelength, which can control the properties of lights. Conventional photonic crystals are made from solid materials, while recently, we serendipitously found that water (99%) containing an inorganic component (1%) afford a high-performance photonic crystal (Nat. Commun. 2016, 7, 12559). Based on this finding, we aim at developing unprecedented innovative photonic crystals that are orientable, deformable, and biocompatible. We also try to apply them to high-quality imaging and sensing.

JST CREST International Workshop
“New Development toward Wearable Photonics: From Materials to Devices” (2019.10.7)

The 2nd Joint Meeting (2018.11.7)

The 1st Joint Meeting (2018.5.28)